SPARC Pain Management Program is a pain rehabilitation program for those suffering from persistent pain. 

This program offers a two weeks pain management program serving both inpatients and day patients. Based on a multidisciplinary approach this program delivers medical, physical, psychological, occupational and dietetic therapies.

Provided in a groups setting, this program also provides a possibility for individual treatment. Each SPRC Pain Management program is supervised by specialists in Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine.

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Program Goals:

  • Develop long-term strategies for pain management, health maintenance and a balanced lifestyle.

  • Recover the abilities to perform activities of daily living, occupational tasks and leisure pursuits.

  • Resolve the emotional and psychological consequences of coping with chronic pain.

  • Facilitate support from family to promote the patient’s continued participation in learned pain management strategies.

  • Maximize individual-based pharmacotherapy for pain management

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